Integrating Outdoor Audio With Landscape Lighting

Having a well-designed and installed outdoor audio system will help you elevate your space to the highest level of entertainment, ambiance, and enjoyment. Whether you’re simply taking a break from the office, celebrating in your backyard, or dining out on your deck or patio, you’ll enjoy any time you spend outdoors even more because of the incredible sound quality our landscape audio provides.

As a bonus, you can mix it with our professional-grade landscape lighting to create the perfect backdrop for whatever setting you want to create. Our experienced staff will ensure you have optimal speaker placement to cover your selected area, quality speakers, and subwoofers, and they will blend right into the landscape.

Our goal is to give you excellent volume projection and direction whenever you turn them on to give you space-filling sound.

Seamless integration with landscape lighting.

Landscape Audio

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hidden landscape audio speaker next to shrubs and perennials in the landscape
landscape sound speaker hidden in plants next to outdoor lighting fixture by house front door and brick walkway
speaker and subwoofer hidden in landscape outdoor garden

Where Do We Install Outdoor Audio?

Bring the best sound quality to any outdoor space around your property – residential homes or commercial properties. Create ambiance for your outdoor dining area or perfect your backyard patio. We’ll enhance all of your outdoor experiences with exceptional landscape audio. We’ll install our audio in:

  • Backyards – You can easily take your backyard to a whole new level by installing outdoor audio. You can entertain, celebrate, and relax with the perfect soundtrack in the background.
  • Business Parks – Employees or guests can think, relax, and enjoy their surroundings much better when they get surrounded by crisp, pristine audio.
  • Courtyards – It’s easy to maximize your courtyard’s tranquility, appeal, and charm with landscape audio that will relax you with every note.
  • Outdoor Dining Area – You’ll adore the additional charm, ambiance, and entertainment that lighting and audio add to your dining space.
  • Professional Buildings – Having quality audio will help you establish an inviting and warm tone for any professional setting without disturbing your neighbors.

Why Choose Night Owl for Your Outdoor Audio

We offer a complete outdoor audio solution that gets built and designed with exceptional sound coverage, sound quality, and construction that is perfect for any outdoor space. We combine subwoofers, top-quality speakers, and amplifiers to deliver durable technology, unparalleled sound quality, and affordability all rolled into one package. We offer:

  • Blended Design – We utilize natural earth tone finishes that allow the speakers to seamlessly blend into your foliage. Since we use systematic installation, they’re barely noticeable.
  • Durability – All of our equipment comes constructed of sealed enclosures and non-corrosive composites. This allows our landscape audio equipment to survive harsher environmental conditions without damage.
  • Even Sound Coverage – Our speakers and subwoofers work to disperse the volume in one uniform wave throughout both intimate and large areas.
  • Tailored Configurations – Our talented staff will customize the placement to match your outdoor space perfectly.
audio speaker system in the landscape
outdoor audio landscape speaker in mulch next to daylilies and brick patio
outdoor audio speaker next to pergola and brick patio

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Contact Night Owl for Outdoor Audio Services

If you’d like to learn more about our outdoor audio equipment, installation process, or how we can enhance your space, contact us. We’re happy to set up a consultation and answer any questions you have to help you decide if this is a good choice for your space.

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