Landscape Lighting & System Maintenance

When was the last time you had routine system maintenance performed on your landscape lighting system? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for homeowners and businesses to have professional-grade landscape lighting installed but to not keep it up-to-date on routine maintenance.

This can cause numerous long-term issues, such as reducing the lifespan and performance of the system, as well as greatly diminishing the overall effect of the lighting. Every electrical system needs regular checks to ensure peak performance and landscape lighting is no different.

We want to help you protect your investment and keep your landscape lighting system looking as beautiful as it was when first installed. Therefore, we offer maintenance packages for all your system’s needs.

routine maintenance on professional landscape lighting systems will extend the life of your system by years
maintenance on landscape lighting systems will keep your professional design in perfect shape for years

Many of you have a Night Owl landscape lighting system. We highly recommend regular maintenance to keep your system optimal.

Night Owl Offers Simple Landscape Lighting Maintenance Services

Maintaining your landscape lighting system is critical to the long-term success and aesthetics of your system. Any homeowner or business who has had a lighting system installed 2 years ago or longer, is overdue for a visit.

Because of the climate in Wisconsin, prior to winter or springtime are perfect times to schedule maintenance. Beyond the regular challenges the four seasons can inflict, the frost leaving the ground can cause light fixtures to heave. This equates to crooked path lights, up lights, and fixtures that are no longer properly aimed.

Since you want to keep your system in top shape, there are a few annual maintenance tasks we’d like to address. This will prolong your lighting system and ensure that you can enjoy it for years!

  • Address Unexpected Equipment Issues – If you have an equipment failure that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will address them at the annual inspection.
  • Fixture Lens Cleaning – The light fixture generates heat each time it’s on, and this can lead to baked-on mineral deposit buildup. When this happens, your light output can drop by 25% to 50%. We clean all of your fixture lenses to remove any mineral deposits to keep them shining brightly.
  • Minor Redesigns – Landscapes are constantly evolving and so are the subjects you are lighting. We can perform minor redesigns and additions to update the look of your existing system to stay current with your property and your needs.
  • Plant Pruning – Plantings change, and plant material will grow up and occasionally cover fixtures as time progresses. Routine pruning is common and recommended. Any fixtures mounted on trees (mainly downlights) should be inspected annually and the mountings adjusted to accommodate any recent tree growth.
  • Replacing LEDs – Ice, rain, and other elemental effects can cause water ingress that can negatively affect any fixtures that you don’t maintain correctly. This can lead to LED failures in a few short years. We will replace them and reseal fixtures to keep the whole lighting system looking new.
  • Screw and Stake Tightening – Having four seasons adds beauty to your environment, but it also means changes to the ground. When the ground freezes and thaws again, it can cause your system’s screws and stakes to loosen from their original position. This can leave the fixtures crooked and misaligned until we re-aim and tighten them back up.
  • Transformer Cleaning – Unfortunately, transformers make excellent homes for bees, mice, and other insects or pests that need to be removed on a regular basis. We’ll clean out the transformers to prevent nesting and potential system failures.
find landscape lighting system maintenance for professional landscapes by night owl in wisconsin
extend your landscape lighting system for many years in wisconsin seasons with professional maintenance package
plants growing around landscape lighting systems need regular maintenance

Let’s Talk About Maintaining Your Lighting System

At Night Owl Landscape Lighting, we understand that lighting is an investment that brings value to our clients while enhancing their property’s natural beauty. Keeping on top of your lighting maintenance needs will keep everything working as it originally intended, and it can stop avoidable problems from diminishing the overall look of your lighting system.

As an added bonus to our customers who have contracted us for all new installations, signing up for an annual maintenance contract with our company will extend your Night Owl labor warranty each year that you schedule. This means that we’ll take care of timer adjustments or LED lamp warranty changes at no additional charge. We invite you to email or call us today for further details.

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Contact Night Owl for Landscape Lighting Maintenance

If you’d like to learn more about our landscape lighting maintenance packages, please contact us. We’re happy to set up a time to answer any questions you have to help you decide if this is a good choice for your lighting system.

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