Professional Landscape Lighting Design Beyond Expectations

We’re committed to responsible and exquisite outdoor and landscape lighting. When you choose Night Owl, expect the latest LED technology and digital controls with zoning, dimming, color temperature, and beam angle options.

We will work together to achieve several goals to make your outdoor lighting a visually stimulating, dramatic, and cohesive part of your home or commercial setting.

We achieve this by utilizing the highest-quality fixtures, controls, and LED lamps to ensure the longevity of your system. We couple these components with best-in-industry techniques, installation, and maintenance procedures for the best Night Owl experience. We specialize exclusively in outdoor lighting and audio systems.

Our solution is a complete design, build, and maintenance package. Every property is unique, and every Night Owl design is custom to that property.

We cover some elements of this page in greater detail. Read more in-depth about the process.

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Lighting Techniques

  • Moonlighting
  • Up & Downlighting
  • Pathways
  • Area Lights
  • Grazing
  • Wash Lighting
  • Shadowing
  • Backlighting
  • Undercapping
  • Hardscapes
  • Reflective

A Variety of Applications

  • Home Security
  • Plant Focus
  • Water Features & Pools
  • Decks & Patios
  • Steps & Pathways
  • Art, Statues, & Fountains
professional home landscape lighting design by night owl in waukesha
how to light up your backyard hardscape deck patio and steps with professional landscaping
residential home landscape lighting system on wisconsin brick home

Interested in landscape lighting? Let’s talk about your options.

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Landscape Lighting Installation & The Night Focus Session

Effective outdoor lighting:

  • Ties Together Spaces – Your outside spaces will come together as an extension of your indoor spaces in a cohesive space to marvel no matter where you’re enjoying it.
  • Improves Home Security – All everyone to safely navigate your outdoor spaces, such as walkways, pathways, and hardscape elements like retaining walls and steps. Secondary, landscape lighting has proven to deter potentially unwanted guests.
  • Evokes Emotional Responses – a functional combination of security, comfort, and excitement.
  • Is Cohesive Art – Turn your best features into cohesive art, including specimen trees, aquatic features, hardscape spaces, or your art collections.
  • Is Low Profile – Integrate into your landscape with a low profile to avoid disrupting the environment.
  • Uses Modern Technology – Leverage modern technologies and control in your evolving smart home or business.

Creating A Timeline For Installation

Oftentimes, these systems are part of an overall master plan. We frequently coordinate with landscapers, electricians, and builders. Communication is important because we need to coordinate power, conduits, and wire accommodations in advance of the fixture installation. Additionally, you have the option to integrate outdoor audio into the overall plan.

Following every Night Owl installation, we set up a nighttime focus session to make any final adjustments. Together, we make any final adjustments during the night focus session. At this time, we also teach you how to use control devices (app controls and connectivity) if that’s part of the system. Not all clients opt into these smart-home technologies.

The final step is going over your maintenance recommendations to keep your system optimal. I am open to teaching homeowners how to protect their own investments, and most clients utilize our ongoing maintenance services.

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colorful led home lights controlled by an app for celebrations and holidays
lighting hardscape brick and stone steps for safety and security
expert water feature waterfall low profile led lighting in wisconsin

Outdoor Lighting In Wisconsin

The best solution to avoid soil freeze/thaw heave in Wisconsin is by using only high-quality components. Complete professional care reduces the risk of our environment affecting the overall design.

Reducing Construction Footprints

We clean and restore all landscapes to their original condition after we install, connect, and mount the components – be they in trees, on walls, or in the ground.

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