Landscape Lighting Services in Southern Wisconsin

Night Owl is proud to offer you over a decade of professional experience in the field and a portfolio of great clients all over southeastern Wisconsin.

While some green industry businesses offer landscape lighting as an add-on service and can do the job, we dedicate ourselves to specializing and being the premier designer of landscape lighting systems in the field.

Residential: Elevate any property – entrance, driveway, front yard, back yard, walkways, aquatic spaces, hardscapes, deck lighting, and surrounding premises to a whole new level with professional landscape lighting.

Commercial: Employees and guests can receive an inviting, breathtaking entrance to further solidify the professional nature of your business. Maximize the natural appeal and offer guests safety while on your grounds when the sun goes down. Lighting for safety and reducing risk!

Residential Landscape Lighting

Commercial Business Parks

Golf Courses & Nature Centers

Outdoor Lighting at Private Properties

professional home landscape lighting design by night owl in waukesha
how to light up your backyard hardscape deck patio and steps with professional landscaping

Outdoor Audio – A Natural Partner to Outdoor Lighting

The complete experience includes the auditory senses. Outdoor audio is a natural partner to landscape lighting because the two operate on much of the same infrastructure and integrate well together.

Outdoor Audio for Entertainment

Playing your favorite music inside and outside while entertaining has never been easier. Play music inside your home and outside together without skipping a beat.

Outdoor Audio for Ambiance

Perhaps you’re looking to set a very specific tone. You can create a more intimate setting that plays soft music or any sounds to best create the emotional appeal you desire.

Outdoor Audio for Commercial & Business

Establish a more professional, warm, inviting tone without disrupting your neighbors. Your guests will arrive at a relaxing, inviting entrance with a bold statement of crisp, pristine audio.

hidden landscape audio speaker next to shrubs and perennials in the landscape
speaker and subwoofer hidden in landscape outdoor garden

Permanent Roofline Lighting

Every holiday season, homeowners and businesses either pay to have lights put up (and taken down) or they DIY. Both are recurring costs and can be risky. The solution – as technologies keep evolving – is the move to a permanent option that you can enjoy year-round.
  • Save time and money putting lights up each season
  • Discrete, low-profile lighting design
  • Smart device and remote control

Roofline LED Lighting

Night Owl Landscape Lighting offers a permanent option with Permanent Roofline Lighting. It’s a network of LED strips that match the color of your home, connected to your phone or tablet through wireless mesh Bluetooth. This allows you to control schedule, color, motions, and more to fit any event – not just the holidays.

green and blue permenant home roofline lighting at night owl wisconsin
permanent led roofline lighting on a commercial palmers by night owl wisconsin

Maintenance & Servicing Your Systems

Maintenance is critical to the long-term success of any system. As we push forward with more Smart Yard technologies, it becomes more important to perform regular maintenance. We use the highest quality fixtures, components, and installation best practices – but nature happens. Especially in Wisconsin, where our seasons change dramatically.

  • Unexpected equipment issues
  • Lens cleaning
  • Minor re-designs and additions
  • Replacing LEDs
  • Screw & stake tightening
  • Transformer cleaning
night owl landscape lighting maintenance services for led light systems in wisconsin
night owl landscape lighting maintenance services for led light systems in wisconsin ftimg

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