Outdoor Lighting in River Hills, WI

Outdoor Lighting in River Hills

Project Notes


After purchasing a beautiful home in River Hills, these homeowners had a fair amount of updating to do both inside and outside the house. When it came to the landscape, a renovation was needed which included their outdated landscape lighting system.

Our task was to disconnect and remove the old 120-volt system and do a complete redesign. Key elements to highlight were the home and entrances, plantings, brick landscape walls, and back patio. The homeowner wanted high quality fixtures that would withstand our four seasons and a reliable timer setup that would be hassle-free over the lifetime of the system.


  • Update the system to a more energy-efficient and flexible 12-volt (low voltage). While the existing system was comprehensive, it was all 120 volts and 20+ years old. The biggest problem with 120-volt landscape lighting systems is their inflexibility as the landscape changes and as fixtures degrade (maintenance is key!). Because of the necessary infrastructure for these systems, fixtures cannot be easily relocated, and repairs cannot be made without excessive cost due to code requirements pertaining to conduits and in-ground junction boxes. This is one of the many reasons why 12-volt systems are the industry standard when it comes to landscape lighting.
  • Previously, the beautiful architecture of the home had not been illuminated. As part of the new design, the home would become a central part of the nighttime scene.


All house-mounted 120-volt fixtures were also retrofitted with softer, 2700K LED light sources to match the new landscape lighting color temperature and to lessen the glare from the clear glass fixtures.

A half mile of wire was used in this new outdoor lighting installation in River Hills, WI.

High Performance

Low voltage LED lighting is standard for long lasting and efficient landscape lighting systems.


Natural metals such as copper and brass can withstand changing seasons of the Midwest.


Well designed lighting around outdoor living spaces allows for greatly increased usage after dark.


A well-lit property is the first step towards deterring unwanted visitors.

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