Project Description

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Residential Landscape Lighting in Wisconsin

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Project Notes


  • Landscape plant and outdoor lighting in Pewaukee with many mature maples, oaks, and honey locust trees.
  • Beautiful patio and stairway in the back yard and newly renovated perennial gardens around the entire house.
  • Highlighting all of these expensive elements was the goal.
  • Special attention paid to the health and longevity of mature specimen trees.
  • Homeowners desired to enjoy their investment alone and while entertaining guests at night.


Landscape path lighting was installed throughout the perennial beds surrounding the house with up lighting used sparingly on a Japanese Tree Lilac and a Clematis on a trellis, the latter of which cast a artistic shadow on an otherwise featureless side of the house. The patio was lit using a modern path lights installed above the retaining wall. These were controlled directionally, getting light exactly where it was needed.

The mature specimen trees required pruning to improve shape, open the canopy, and remove deadwood. Caring about the overall health of the plant means they’ll be attractive for many more years. A healthy, well-pruned tree makes a better canvas for landscape lighting. Afterwards, three up-lights and two down-lights on each tree accentuated their form and majesty while tying them visually to the ground plane with a moonlighting effect.


Due to a bed of hostas surrounding one of the larger trees, risers were used on the up-lights. Ground plants, like these perennials, may cover up light sources as they grow. Forethought on plant maintenance is crucial so plants and landscape lighting work in harmony. To prevent the mature tree from growing around the fixtures and mounts, the down-lights were installed using stand off bolts and cable securements. Stainless steel hardware was used to prevent corroded metals from poisoning the trees over time.

Specimen Plants

Coordinated up-lighting, down-lighting, and moonlighting of the properties mature trees.

Healthy Plants

Plants and landscape lighting work in harmony. Light healthy, attractive plants only.

Consider Growth

Plants grow. Placement, supports, and risers is intelligent future-thinking.

Hardscape Safety

See your expensive landscape walls, paths, walkways, and steps at night.