Project Description

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Mukwonago

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Project Notes


To bring to light a beautiful home and property with a variety of lighting needs in the yard all around the home. The goal was to light the front of the home, front walkway, custom engraved address stone down by the road, back deck, stairs, patio, and a large sprawling oak just inside the woods edge of the property. The client desired a smart control system and a creative solution for replacing old deck lighting.


  • To successfully light all the different aspects of this property we needed a versatile up light that can accommodate various types of LED MR16 lamps as well as lenses and matching accessories.
  • Different styles of fixture shrouds were used as were risers to light the oak in the woods without having the fixtures overgrown by forest understory.
  • 5’ tall brass tiki fixtures replaced existing wood tiki torches while still providing the use of the torch, they also incorporate an LED lamp and illuminate the lower patio.
  • A Wi-Fi controllable smart switch was installed in the transformer so the client could switch lights on and off via his smart device if so desired.
  • New 4×4 post light caps and glare-free micro LED lights hole sawed into the deck steps replaced outdated LED fixtures that had failed.


To keep the new path lighting fixtures upright and plumb, heavy duty, 120v rated ground mounts were dug in and leveled. All Night Owl Lighting systems utilize upgraded path light mounts to ensure a solid and beautiful lighting system for years and years!

Smart Control

Wi-Fi controllable landscape lighting system via smart device.

New+Old System

Added new lighting elements and modernized old lighting system components.

Security Minded

Residential lighting with security in mind adds peace of mind for the homeowners.

Smart Planning

Worked within mature, natural woods and planned for plant growth.