Outdoor Lighting in Madison, WI

Outdoor Lighting in Madison

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Madison Project Notes


A one-of-a-kind property, nestled between towering bluffs in the heart of the Madison city area, that needed its nighttime presentation to be as dazzling as its daytime. This stunning site was being replanted with native plant material and landscaped with large stone elements and a water feature to tie the entire project back into its native surroundings and make it look as if it had always been there. The impressive stonework was done by Coulee Country Landscape.

Our main objective was to illuminate the bluff, rock outcroppings, and water feature. The client wanted to surround the patio space with color-changing lighting because they like to entertain and wanted the ability to set moods and celebrate different holidays and events.


  • We used the FX Luminaire Luxor lighting system to get the color, zoning, and dimming control that the customer wanted. The whole system is operated via Wi-Fi and cloud control for the implementation of dozens of different themes and programs.
  • Because of the loose and shifting nature of the ground at the bases of the bluffs, 18” custom rebar stakes were manufactured for a deep anchoring system for the light fixtures
  • To get the appropriate glow out of the water feature, small silicone encapsulated LED fixtures were incorporated into the spaces between rock elements, creating a unique effect as compared to traditional directional underwater fixtures.


This system was installed in 4 different phases over a 3-year period. Occasionally parts of the bluff come loose and knock fixtures around or change the subject that is being lit. On a site like this, we do maintenance on the system to stay ahead of these potential problems at least twice a year

Smart Control

Wi-Fi controllable landscape lighting system via smart device.


Color changing capabilities to set moods to entertain guests and celebrate holidays.

Water Feature

Custom lighting into the spaces between rock elements, creating a unique effect.

Smart Planning

Working with mature natural woods, bluffs, and water features for a changing environment.

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To The Next Level

It’s the finishing touches that really take your landscape design project to the next level. I couldn’t be happier.

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