Project Description

Delafield, Wisconsin

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Delafield

Delafield, Wisconsin

Project Notes


Homeowners who had inherited an outdated and inefficient halogen system were looking to update to state-of-the-art LED products as well as moving to a more contemporary fixture style to properly compliment the property. It was also important to find a unique way to bring light to the back deck and highlight some of the garden art they had brought with them from their previous residence. The long, winding driveway had existing lighting as well that needed to be updated.


  • Replacement of poor-quality aluminum path lights of a style unfitting to the property with a simpler, more elegant fixture made of copper and brass. Some path light locations had to be in existing hedges, so an offset path light top made it easier to get the light out towards the front entrance walkway.
  • To light the deck, micro well-lights were core drilled into the decking just below the ornate fencing along the perimeter. This serves to highlight the beautiful metalwork and cast ambient light onto the deck
  • Down lights and in-ground up lights were used to highlight the garden art. These methods maintain a minimum visual footprint so that the fixtures themselves do not distract from the art both during the day and at night.
  • The driveway down lights that were removed had been located much too low on the trees, minimizing their impact and creating a glare problem for cars at night. They were also installed incorrectly and posed a damage to the health of the trees. The new lights were installed an average of 10 feet higher up, incorporated Hex Cell Louvers and adjustable shrouds to cut glare, and utilized a 3900K color temperature to mimic moonlight. Correct tree mounting methods were used, including stainless steel hardware and offsetting of mounts to account for tree growth and health.


All fixtures on the project, like all Night Owl projects, incorporated high efficiency, long life LED light sources certified by the FCC and Underwriter Laboratories as approved for use in enclosed outdoor fixtures. The original halogen system required 5 transformers; we were able to reduce that number to 3 while increasing the total amount of lighting fixtures.

Renovated Old

Replacement all elements of an old system with a new, modern, long-lasting system.

Minimize Footprint

Creative placement of lights to avoid distracting focus statuary art during the day and night.

Driveway Moonlighting

Corrected a long driveway moonlighting system for safer passage to and from the home.

Efficient System

Old 5-transformer system reduced to 3; included more high efficiency, long life LED lights.