Project Description

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Brookfield

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Project Notes


A beautiful Brookfield property with stately landscape features in need of improvement in some areas, and new designs in others. It was important that the landscape lighting be flexible to accommodate future expansion and changes. The clients visited Japan several times and has an affinity for Asian-style gardening, sculptures and architecture. It is evident that this style was incorporated into the daytime landscape, but the client wanted it brought to life at night.


  • Utilized cutting edge lighting fixtures with built-in adjustability for lumen output and beam angles. This modern landscape lighting technology makes adapting to changes in the garden extremely efficient.
  • Japanese inspired bollards, representing the 5 elements – fire, air, water, earth, and heaven – were installed to provide stunning shadows
  • Micro LED fixtures were installed in existing Japanese lanterns spread throughout the landscape


This truely was an all-around outdoor lighting design in Brookfield. It incorporated all manner of lighting fixtures: up lights, wash lights, down lights, in-ground lights, underwater lights, bollard lights, and deck lights. I was also working with the home’s architecture, existing/mature plants, hardscaping, water features, sculptures and more. Existing lighting fixtures on the exterior of the home were also retrofitted with LED in 2700K color temperature to match the new landscape lighting.

Asian Style

The use of shadow to add elements to a Japanese-inspired landscape and home architecture.

Old & New

Renovated an existing lighting design and expanded the overall design with new elements.

Security Minded

Residential lighting with security in mind adds peace of mind for the homeowners.

Smart Planning

Proactively planned for future outdoor lighting expansion and adjustability.

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