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Residential & Commercial

Night Owl offers professional outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners, private property owners, businesses, and commercial property owners. We use best-practice lighting techniques to bring you a new level of specialist lighting services.

Every lighting design is custom to your property’s unique capabilities.

We use the latest LED technologies, long-lasting components for Wisconsin’s climate, and offer modern app-controllable systems.

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Outdoor Audio

Integrated Landscape Sound Systems

Outdoor audio is a natural partner with landscape lighting systems. Elevate your visual components with the highest level of entertainment. We’ve installed outdoor audio systems for both residential and business clients. They can be integrated with an initial landscape lighting installation or added to the system later.

Your backyards, business parks, courtyards, outdoor dining areas, and professional buildings have never looked so good, and now they’ll sound great too! They’re totally integrated, app-controllable, and tailored to your property.

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Outdoor Lighting Expertise

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Path Lighting

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Up/Down Lights

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Deck Lighting

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Moon Lights

Local Landscape Lighting

Plant Lighting

Highlight focal plants like specimen trees, shrubs, evergreens and landscape design elements like corky bark, unique foliage, and form textures.

Host Outside

The warm season is shorter in Wisconsin. Instead of resorting indoors when night falls, invite your guests to your outdoor oasis.

Artistic Lighting

Lighting puts on display the most precious elements like your home, landscape statuary, water features, and patio kitchens at night.

Outdoor Audio

In addition to visual aspects of lighting, many clients add audio for a more immersive property experience.

Outdoor Lighting Projects

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  • Madison, WI

  • Mukwonago, WI

  • Delafield, WI

  • Brookfield, WI

  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Franklin, WI

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